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"My wife brought home this manual and said, “Do it.” To which I replied, “Do what?” I was wondering what the hell she was talking about. I grumbled a bit under my breath before opening the book. I do what she says you know. We’ve been married 35 years. I’ve grown accustomed to saying, yes dear, just to avoid the argument. Anyway, I did the damn thing and found out that I had lots of room for improvement. Turns out she did too. After we swapped books and saw each other’s nightmares, we booked a cruise to Alaska. Life hasn’t been better".
Mr.and Mrs. K. WilliamsSeattle, WA

Define your purpose in life was just what I needed.I found the site while searching for what my purpose should be. The site was just what I needed. I not only found my true career but also my calling in life. Thanks a million!
Sally Jennings, Ohio

When I read the story of The Inner Penguin, something inside me clicked. I knew that I was somewhat of an optimist, but seeing the plus entity in my life take complete control has been truly life changing. I highly recommend this download to anyone who is looking to change his/her life for the better. And it doesn’t cost a dime but I would've gladly paid a kings ransom for it.
Jim Costa, New Jersey

The Tao of You. I completed the course. It was a wonderful experience. It provided me an opportunity to analyze what had happened in the past and in the process, choose the right path for my future. I highly recommend it.
Narayanan K, India

The Tao of You is the best self help(I cannot even call it a self help book, this is a self enhancement tool) manual I've ever read and I have over 76 self help books in my library. I locked myself up in a room for the day and worked out my thoughts on paper. It was life transforming. The interactive approach was more than an eye opener; it framed my perspective and showed me exactly where I was in life and what my true potential truly is.
Debbie C., Alabama

The Tao of You, A great read. A great book.
Pete Washington, New York

Define your purpose is loaded with great information. Each week, I keep coming back for more. I downloaded the Inner Penguin and was blown away by such a life changing story. I highly recommend this site and all its recommended readings.
Michael Thompson, Florida

At first I was skeptical when I saw define your purpose in life. I figured that my life purpose was pre-determined somehow. Call it karma or God’s plan. But I read on, downloaded the Inner Penguin and was thrown off kilter. I fought it. I didn’t want to think that I had a choice in how my life turned out but I took the plunge and ordered The Tao of You. That was the best decision of my life. I shattered the victim mentality. I learned that I have a choice in how my life turns out and that I now matter and can make a difference. Words cannot express the joy I have in my life now. My husband and I have rekindled our loving marriage.Where were you 10 years ago
T. Mills, Towson, MD

If you haven’t fully looked at define your purpose in life, you should. It’s life changing.
Malika Anderson

I downloaded a copy of the Inner Penguin for all of my students. I asked them to read it and write a report as extra credit about what this story means. I was pleasantly surprised that my eighth grade students got it. How easy it is for youth to grasp truth.
Mrs. Donnelly, Connecticut
8th Grade

Finally, here is a website that tells you how to achieve true success and happiness. If you purchase one thing this year that will bring you the most joy in your life, purchase The Tao of You.
Margaret S., Delaware

The Tao of You changed my life! I read the book and then couldn’t help but tell my friends and family. I was blown away. You won’t be disappointed. My business has improved tremendously. I am buying books and giving them away to my customers
Emily, Kansas City

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I was searching for something more. Anything with some answers as to what life was all about. I stumbled across this site, not by accident, I’d imagine, and the answers came. I have a renewed sense of hope and encouragement.
Kendra Jackson, New Orleans

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.The Tao of You is a great teacher. I didn't know that my life would've been improved so easily. I am paying it forward by giving away books, the site info, and I hope someone reads this and go out and get the book.
Saul H., Orange County, California

I am a penguin lover, so when I saw this download of the Inner Penguin, I was wondering what this Inner Penguin was all about. I sat with my coffee filled Penguin mug and was delighted that the Penguin story was a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.
Penguin Lover from Fiji

Define your purpose is a site that I can count on for great articles. I keep coming back again and again and each time that I do, I am always lifted up and encouraged to live my best life.
Molly Kraus, New Hampshire

All the things that I thought and believed before, are only relevant in terms of what I now know! In retrospect being, that I always knew of a better way, just not knowing exactly how to achieve it or of understanding it. I knew what was in my heart, but my outside "distractions" created such a "fog", that I failed to see the "obvious", that was with me the whole time, and yet I couldn't manage to "stand still" long enough to recognize it! Today, it's all a different matter, and I clearly see, only what I should, as I "stand perfectly still" and let all the rest just "pass on by" and live this wonderfully abundant life, exactly as it should! Lessons learned! "True User Value!"
A. K. Fricke, President, (NESA)
Montgomery City, MO Chapter

"While doing the simple exercise I found that it was very easy to come out with negative thought without any strain, but to think about positive it was with little bit strain. Therefore here it states that try not harshly to bring positive thought. As I do it then I am equally bringing negative thoughts and it starts become my habit. I should flow with the stream and do not try to turn around. I have to tackle life with each and every situation differently. As it is said in the manual " What's the truth? I now have some concrete answers.... something I can understand and work with".
A.Rahiman, International Relations
Calicut City-India

"Just wanted to say that your website was breath of fresh air. It may or may not fulfill my constant craving for change and "something more". However, please know that your web page has absolutely, positively achieved your purpose as you define it. You should know that I was helped. Thank you for serving the fellow mankind. I will try to do the same."
E. Gazo

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