Soul Purpose of Blacks in America

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Soul Purpose - Part Two

Now how many of you have ever read, seen, or heard of this before? Not many I bet, but this is the inherent source of the original problem. This original problem consisted of what some may call prophecy, blasphemy, or lunacy. Am I suggesting that God is responsible for slavery? Or, was it the simple fact that His word was not heeded by the African Hebrews thereby causing their own and their future generation’s demise? Or, is this some weird coincidence? You decide.

We find in Deuteronomy 28 the prophetic statement that the African Hebrews would be returned to Egypt again. But this time, by way of ships and there they would be sold unto their enemies as slaves and no man would buy them (redeem or save them).

It is certain that this prophecy fell upon only one people on the face of this earth, the people of Africa – the victims of the greatest, most cruel, vicious, and horrifying slave trade in the annals of history.

How can this be?

In their quest to escape the onslaught of destruction that came upon Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Roman General Titus, the African Hebrews fled westward and southward into northern and central Africa. This invasion of Jerusalem and the conquest of this region caused the final dispersion of all the remnants of the black northeast African tribespeople.

This flight into northern, central, and western Africa placed the African Hebrews in position for the fulfillment of the prophecy, the great African slave trade.

Thanks in part to a Catholic priest Bartholomo de las Casas (circa 1542), who suggested to the papacy that Africans were without souls and thusly suitable for the torturous work in the Americas, bought about the final chastisement and the disbursement of the people of Africa into Europe and the lands of the Americas, the “New World”.

The African slaves were transported to the New World (a second Egypt) in the bottoms of slave ships, under the most inhumane conditions. These people were stretched out face-to-face in two lines, and in the space between their feet were others lying on their backs. The ships were packed to the brim. On board, the most frequent sicknesses were scurvy, dysentery, and the “pian” or “yaws”, a skin disease.

The high mortality rate was a result of large number suicides. Floors of the compartments were covered with so much mucous from the dysentery cases that the scene resembled a slaughter house.

Prophecy Fulfilled?

God’s prophecy upon Israel to “bring thee into Egypt again with ships” was fulfilled. Over 100 million people were either taken as captives or killed in the slave wars. About one-third of the Africans taken from their homes died on the way to the coast and at the embarkation stations, and another third died at sea, so that only one-third finally survived to become the laborers in the New World.

The great captivity in the Americas not only enslaved the people of Africa/Eden physically, but is also served as a means used to remove all former knowledge, history, language, spiritual connectivity, and culture from the minds of the slaves.

The African/Edenic people have been the most abused, exploited, and oppressed peoples in all of history.

These were the images that the ancestors saw, experienced, and inevitably passed on to their children and their children’s children. This is the drama to some extent that is still played out today. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look around. But what’s not spoken of in our collective drama is the sickness that developed in those who perpetrated this crime against a great nation. This sickness – the feeling of superiority and the elevation of one culture to the detriment of another, leads to the problem that plagues us today.

We Suffer From The Symptoms of Other People’s Problem

In other words, for someone to feel superior there must be someone to feel inferior. How can this be? If we are all created equal then how can this be possible? I know that there are some who wish to hold onto this fallacy. But if you dig deep enough, they don’t actually believe it. This derision in the human race, this delusion of cultural superiority has become quite profitable for some who choose to continue to stir the pot. Also, we are so dug in to this concept that by revealing the true nature of this monumental lie may cause some to simply lose their minds.

Today, instead of being physically enslaved, slavery is in a place few of us ever choose to look…within ourselves, within our own minds. Now, you don’t have to shackle another human being to control him just keep showing him images of his people in shackles, being hosed, beaten in the streets, behind bars, or by those who are supposed to protect and serve.

Plant these images in the minds of kids and what do they become. They become the stereotype. They become the monsters the superiors say they are not taking into consideration that they were the creators of them.Without knowing the source of the problem, how can we fix it? Why has that sense of “freedom” eluded us? Why in a nation as abundant as ours, do we suffer the plight of mediocrity, poverty, filth, and murder? Why do we think it’s ok to degrade our women and kill our brothers? IMAGES!

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