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Here are some recommended resources to help you in your quest to discover and be a better you.

Tools you can use:

Books & E-books
A full list of the books and E-books I've found most useful in my self-discovery and personal wealth.

These websites have helped me immensely in many different areas of my growth and are some of my favorites

Coming Soon:

Training Courses
In my quest for being the best I can be, I've taken a few courses here and there. This is the quickest way I know of to gain the knowledge necessary to live the life of your dreams.

Automation used in terms of gaining your valuable time back. These application have saved me from being tied to a desk and gave me back the freedom to enjoy life.

That's right! You read it correctly. Sex is one of the most powerful forces on this planet. It is the medium used to create humans and through proper training, you can enhance every aspect of your life. What do we do with this energy? We connect with others, we express ourselves, it is as important as food, and you will discover some simple techniques on how to "give" and "receive" the most enjoyment and pleasure from it.

None of this would really matter if you are not in good health. I am not just talking about dieting. This will not be a "one idea fits all" process. We will approach this with you as your personal physician because no one knows your body better than you do. You will discover how and why your body tells you exactly what it needs. No more relying totally on the so-called experts. This idea alone has literally saved my life and will do the same and more for you.

Updates to these links will be announced in the "J. Kyle Howard Insight Journal". Sign-up or check back often.

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