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Ask J - November 2007

Question: "I've searched for many years for someone or something to explain to me just what my purpose is. Deep down inside, I know that this is important to my success.

What I discovered was that there are as many ideas as there are people spouting them...No Concensus. Some say that your purpose is to do God's will; but what is God's will as it pertains to me? In this vein, the answer becomes the question.

Some say "be happy". But how do I accomplish that when my world is in chaos? Some say, meditate. On what? Some say do what you love to do. If I knew what I loved to do I wouldn't be here asking questions.

J, you say to live and live abundantly and I simply don't get it. Could you please explain? Thanks." - Chieko, Kitakyushu, Japan

Answer: Your in luck. Have a read.

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