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Ask J - October, 2007

Question: "I am a recently divorced mother of two and have come across this site. My question is, how do I start my life anew without feeling the sting of the past?" - S. Jenkins, Baltimore, MD

Answer: Life is all about living and experiencing what we create for ourselves. There is no need to swim upstream when life is taking us downstream. (TAZZINISM’S page 50).

In order to truly experience where your life is now, you must be willing to leave the past behind. Sometimes that is easier said than done when you consider the different directions your life seems to be taking you. This contradiction is not really a paradox if you are willing to go with the flow.

The first step is to relax and take a deep breath. Say the following phrase daily to help regain alignment back into the flow. “This is a safe and loving universe and I am always protected with plenty of creative resources.”

Now that you are committed to looking at your life where it stands right now, without being in judgment, decide how you want to live from this point on. Commit to that vision by accepting that you are in the best place for growth now. Life is always flowing towards the best if we will only accept it. Use the following affirmation to remind yourself where you are in the stream of life, “I only expect the best for my life”.

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