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Success Coaching - June 2008

Question: Should I stay or should I go?

Hi J. Kyle
Here is my position. I am 50,with only a high school education. For the last 20 years I have worked for my City's Parks department where I have risen from labourer to an assistant Foreman.

The 'good points' of the job are:

  1. Pay is very good,hours are Mon-Fri with every third Friday off.
  2. Its pretty easy since I have been doing it for so long.
  3. Good job security.

Bad points are:

  1. Layoffs are starting to get very boring,although I try to fill my days exercising,doing houswork,and working a little part time. These layoffs were great while my kids were young but they are teenagers now and the days of taking them to school,coaching soccer etc are over.
  2. I dont feel challenged anymore and some of my co-workers are "getting on my nerves"
  3. With retirement looming I havent been able to put much away.

Ok,here is my conundrum:

I have several friends and ex co workers that have been hired in the last couple years by city transit (buses) which is expanding. They seem to like it generally,though the hours are longer,no weekends off.I think I could handle the nights-I dont have any fovorite TV shows or activities in the evening. Also the wage is the same but there is opportunity for lots of overtime at doubletime. Also five weeks vacation,other good union benefits more than what I have now.

I have made some inquiries and if I am willing to make the jump I can get in. I am not getting any younger so I need to make a decision. I think I would like the work,but I just need a push from my nice soft chair. Also, if I do take the job, there is no going back to the old one-some kind of union thing-I would be bumped back to a labourer.

I am not much of a guy to confide in others. My wife says do what my heart tells me, but I know the extra income and retirement benefits appeal to her. If I was younger I wouldnt have so much trepidation. It is a completely different job and lifestyle. Sorry for such a long letter,hope you understand.

What do you think? Should I stay or should I go?

- Bud Bickersmith, Buffalo, NY

Answer: Hello Bud,

As it appears, you have an intricately woven rut that is comfortable, wears well, and you have found ease with which to complete your daily tasks. However, you have listed two items that this rut will not allow you to live life to your fullest:

"2. I don't feel challenged anymore and some of my co-workers are 'getting on my nerves'"
"3. With retirement looming I haven't been able to put much away."

Bud, be honest, has that zest for life been totally depleted for you? Remember how great it was to try something new? Where is that excitement for life? It is time to challenge yourself again.

As far as retirement, you could be handing out carts and welcoming people to your local Walmart (not that there is anything wrong with that). There are plenty of people out there who did not take the time to plan for retirement. They say it's never too late but I beg to differ.

Get back on the bike Bud. Stretch yourself and try the new job. Greet your new folks with a smile and share your wisdom.

Most importantly, you know, as all married men do, The Woman Is Always, Always, Always Right. Some extra money and a little excitement is always good for you. Take care and check back for updates here.

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