What's on your schedule today?

Are you so busy that you have to schedule time to eat? It seems like our daily "to do" list grows longer yet the days seems to grow shorter. And, there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.

Computers were supposed to make us more efficient, give us more time for the important things in life. Yet we fill that time with more "stuff" to do. Our days go by like a blur. What happened to us?

There was a time in our lives when we could simply relax and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Now we have to ask permission and wait for two weeks out of the year to do so. Instead of living by a schedule and having a "date night" with our spouses, we would take impromptu long walks in the park or walk hand-in-hand with our beloved at the local zoo. But who has the time?

When was the last time you and some friends had a home-cooked meal with a nice glass of wine in the afternoon on a Wednesday? When was the last time you spontaneously danced and lip synced to one of your favorite songs in your underwear on your way to the shower after sleeping past 8 am on a weekday?

We all long for the life we had when were our happiest, life was something lived and not dreaded, and the world was our playground. The thing is, life didn't change, we did.

There is some relief. I have prepared for you 10 steps that will allow you to take back control of your life. By implementing these easy steps (which generally takes about 10 minutes), you will begin to recapture control and live your life as it was designed to be lived....free from stress with an abundance of joy.

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