"Here is a list of the books I've found most useful in learning how to create a more abundant, prosperous, and wonderful life --- "The life of your dreams".

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Unleash Your Inner Penguin
by Dr J. Kyle Howard & Unknown Author

What problem, mission or goal do you have that would be "priceless" to you if it was solved or accomplished?

If you're like most people, you wish to become successful in life (whatever that means to you). In this E-book, you'll get some very basic information to double or even triple your chances of achieving that success. More...

The Tao of You - "The One-Day, Do-It-Yourself Success Manual"
by Dr J. Kyle Howard

The first seed of this manual was actually planted in my heart and mind at the tender age of eighteen. In 1981, a new partnership between several major corporations and the city of Baltimore, Maryland, was formed. The partnership provided low income youths with summer jobs. This was quite a media event. There I was, sitting alone in a corner filling out my application, when a reporter from WJZ-TV13 sat down and spoke with me.

From our brief conversation we discovered that we shared the same birth date of January 29 and that we are exactly 10 years apart. She jokingly called me her “little soul brother”, but seriously stated that we were both going to experience great success. She asked me to stay focused, to not give up and I promised to do just that. These were the most inspiring words I had heard in my young life, and it completely altered my path.

I spent years searching for success while watching this reporter achieve her dreams, maybe even surpassing them. Because I felt a kinship with this reporter, I had to stay focused. I had given her my word. Quite honestly, she wouldn’t have known whether I had or not; but, I did.

You see, one simple little conversation can make a world of difference in someone’s life, and I am grateful for the few minutes this reporter took to spend with me. This reporter was none other than.......... Oprah Winfrey.



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