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The J. Kyle Howard Insights Journal -- Do you have what it takes?
March 23, 2008


In every challenge lies an opportunity to greatness. We are embarking on a new financial frontier where bad ideas can no longer exist in this economy. The world is looking for new leadership, new business ideas, new entrepreneurs --- do you have what it takes?

In this issue, learn how to jump the hurdles to successful business ownership.

A brand new Journal is on the web at Just click on that link, then scoll down to where it says "view journal archive" click on that and then "right" click on the envelope icon that says "Entrepreneur". Select "save target as" and save The Journal to your desktop.

password = "insights" (without the quotes)

Grab a cup of tea or joe, sit back relax, and enjoy. It's a great read. Then again, I think that everything I write is great :-)

By the way, check the blog for updates on our "seconds in a day" series at

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